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Cryptocurrency Picture Box
In Africa and some South East Asian countries, the highly concentrated, costly and slow banking systems restrict and limit access to finance, project funding and self-reliance thereby dampening the activity and growth of enterprises and local businesses. This discourages entrepreneurs who wish to complete international transactions and keeps the nations in these major regions isolated from each other.

With the advent of virtual currencies and the underlying decentralised blockchain technology, small enterprises and individuals are taking charge and revolutionising businesses across Africa and South East Asia.

And… it’s widely accepted across the globe!

We, at KoinKoin provide a secure, lighting fast and seamless Cryptocurrency Exchange service.

This platform enables a simpler and quicker mode of capital transfer while simultaneously supporting smaller businesses by meeting traders and individuals at their point of need.

Our easy to use e-wallet services allow you to successfully transfer and exchange an array of local currencies into cryptocurrency, using the most reliable and effective security technologies.

Experience instant delivery and easy verification. View and track your deposits and withdrawals. All… in one place.

KoinKoin platform is also powered to serve cryptocurrency speculators and intraday traders who simply wish to buy, hold & trade cryptocurrencies.

We aim to serve as an alternative to the banking barrier which isolates not just African businesses but all regions with an active interest in business and trading expansion within Africa and the South East Asian Region. - Creating a Borderless Africa.

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